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Tianshun Valve Industry Co., Ltd. was founded in 1993,
after 19 years of development has become China's Tianjin
one of the major valve manufacturing base. The company
specializes in the development of various valves, such
as: butterfly valve, ball valve, globe valve, gate valve,
groove valve, check valve, regulating valve.

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By action and use

By action and use

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(1) truncated categories: such as gate valve, globe valve, plug valve, ball valve, butterfly valve, needle valve, diaphragm valve.

Truncated valve, also known as closed-circuit valve, cut-off valve, its role is to turn on or cut off the medium in the pipeline.

Check valve, also known as check valve or check valve, check valve is an automatic valve, its role is to prevent the pipeline in the medium back to prevent the pump and drive motor reversal, and container media leakage. Water pump off the end of the valve also belong to the check valve class.

Explosion-proof valve, accident valve, the role of the safety valve is to prevent the pipeline or device in the medium pressure exceeds the specified value, so as to achieve the purpose of security protection.

Regulating valve, throttle valve and pressure reducing valve, its role is to adjust the medium pressure, flow and other parameters.

(2) vacuum categories: such as vacuum ball valve, vacuum baffle valve, vacuum inflatable valve, pneumatic vacuum valve. Its role is in the vacuum system, used to change the direction of the air flow, adjust the size of the air flow, cut off or turn on the vacuum system components called the vacuum valve.

(3) special purpose categories: such as clear valve, vent valve, sewage valve, exhaust valve, filter and so on.

Exhaust valve is essential in the pipeline system auxiliary components, widely used in boilers, air conditioning, oil and gas, water supply and drainage pipes. Often installed in the high point or elbow, etc., to exclude excess gas in the pipeline to improve the efficiency of pipeline use and reduce energy consumption.