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Tianshun Valve Industry Co., Ltd. was founded in 1993,
after 19 years of development has become China's Tianjin
one of the major valve manufacturing base. The company
specializes in the development of various valves, such
as: butterfly valve, ball valve, globe valve, gate valve,
groove valve, check valve, regulating valve.

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Current status of domestic industry

Current status of domestic industry

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In the valve production and research and development of technical support, the domestic valve is not behind the foreign valve, on the contrary a lot of products in technology and innovation has been comparable with international companies. The development of the domestic valve industry is moving to the direction of high-end modernization.

In the industrialization, urbanization, reform and globalization, driven by the four major forces, China's valve equipment manufacturing industry prospects or broad, the future high-end valve industry, localization, modernization, will be the main direction of the future development of the valve industry. The pursuit of constant innovation for the valve business to create a new market in order to allow enterprises in the increasingly competitive industry in the tide of the valve industry to survive and seek development.

With the continuous development of valve technology, valve applications continue to expand, with the corresponding valve standards are increasingly indispensable. Valve industry products into an innovative period, not only the product category needs to be replaced, internal management also need to deepen the reform according to industry standards.

Therefore, it is necessary to make full use of the existing standards at the same time, look to the future, developed to be able to apply to the future of new standards and new systems, thus promoting the development of higher levels of valve technology. The future of the valve industry will move towards the two main directions: First, from a single variety to more varieties and more specifications development; the second is toward the direction of energy development.

Industry sources, the valve business only clear and clear understanding of the status quo of the industry, and constantly strengthen their own products to enhance the sense of urgency, strengthen the corporate culture and market service concept, only to be stable and fast, fast in the refinement, , In order to allow enterprises in the increasingly competitive industry in the tide of the valve industry to survive, and development.

Society is an era of information explosion, enterprises encountered in the product competitors are inevitable, there is competition in the industry, for some enterprises in terms of a good thing. Because of the competition, companies improve product quality, improve service quality, consumers also use less money to get better or more consumption and services. The market is a "sieve", the industry in the development and progress at the same time, the market is also the survival of the fittest industry enterprises. Although the current status of the development of the ball valve industry momentum is Sheng, the state support policy to give a greater change, the market demand is also increasing, the valve industry because of the fierce competition in the industry also makes the domestic valve-related technology excellence, but many interference factors , The valve industry development prospects are not optimistic.