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Tianshun Valve Industry Co., Ltd. was founded in 1993,
after 19 years of development has become China's Tianjin
one of the major valve manufacturing base. The company
specializes in the development of various valves, such
as: butterfly valve, ball valve, globe valve, gate valve,
groove valve, check valve, regulating valve.

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1.Strainers are the special equipment which are used for medium purification in pipe line

2.Small size, light weight, easy installation and maintenance

3.Flow resistant is small and media purification is thorough

4.Remove dirt quickly and easily

5.working temperature is _15C _+200C

6.Media: water, gas, oil

7.When ordering, please provide detail of valve modeal, nominal pressure, size, working pressure, max flow, what media the way to install, connection standard of valve and pipeline



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