Double plate check valve

Adoption standard: 1. Design standards meet: API594, MSS SP-80 2, structure in line with: ISO 5752, ISO 12220, EN558, ANSI 3. Connecting flange conforms to DIN2532, DIN2533, ISO PN10/16, ANSI B16.1 BS 10 Table D, JIS B2212/2213 4, test and inspection standards in line with: API 598 Performance Specifications: Nominal pressure PN (MPa) : 1.0, 1.6 Test pressure (water) Ps (MPa) Strength test: 1.5~2.45 Seal test: 1.1~1.76 Applicable temperature: -15℃-150℃ Applicable medium: fresh water, sewage, sea water, steam, food, medicine, all kinds of oils, acids, etc. Design Features: 1. Using two valve discs, two torsion springs and a rotating shaft, and balance device, can quickly realize the switch to avoid the "water hammer" phenomenon, effectively protect the pipeline, pump and drive motor. 2. A variety of flanges can be applied to the clamping structure. 3. Rubber is vulcanized directly on the valve body. 4. After zero pressure test and high pressure test, the leakage on the sealing surface is zero. 5. Test and inspection according to API 598

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